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Highway Drivers

In our Industries today, where loyalty and durability are scarce, Road Link Xpress takes pride in its effort to have created a warm culture where drivers stay for longer periods of time. We are the market leaders in employing professional drivers who are looking for work along with a place to stay. We keep a healthy balance of driven miles and the time spent home by drivers, as we strictly adhere to the policy of driving under 16 hours for truck drivers.

We are defined by our employees, both as individuals and in the form of teams who have been there for a long time, and have assurance that we will be there for them in the long run, as well. Senior drivers at work always welcome new ones with open arms and are glad to explain how stuff works and how to maintain quality by providing Transportation Solutions that can be relied upon.


Your on-job safety is of most importance to us

Safety practices used by drivers and safe equipment, make sure safe freightage. Road Link uses modern and high-grade equipment (that has been used for less than five years) to ensure the safety of its drivers. The addition of rear disc brakes are a testimony to our commitment towards driver safety using top quality equipment.

Our adoption of e-logs and other such interesting technologies keep our drivers on top of their game plus help them drive responsibly. We also provide our drivers with an on-site training program in order to give them the necessary training and an opportunity to improve themselves.