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Company History


Road Link Xpress started from humble beginnings in 2002 and has grown since to be one of the leading carriers in North America. The company consisted of just 3 trucks, 10 trailers and a couple of owner operators. Our continued growth is a result of sheer hard work and our efforts to attract valuable professionals towards both our operations team and driver list. The top priority at Road Link Xpress has always been safety. Our whole staff is well trained to keep high standards of safety for both our people and our clients.

According to us, Road Link Xpress’s future is secured because the owners have decided to keep the truckload carrier business between the families. Different family members have been in the management team for different periods of time yet the goal has always been the company’s progress.

Employees working at all levels of the company have always operated as one team. Moreover, as the business in truckload carrier market expands day by day, the shipping industry’s demand also increases and big companies prefer to work with Road Link because of our consistency in management individuals.